Restaurants move at a fast pace. Along with serving quick meals, restaurant systems with fast checkouts make the cycle of customers a lot easier to handle. As you plan to open a restaurant or upgrade equipment, consider some recycled financial equipment. Recycled equipment provides cheaper costs and allows your restaurant to use state-of-the-art technology. 

Check out some of the financial equipment pieces to shop for and how you can find a lot of practical use for the equipment in your restaurant.

1. Cash Counters

Cash flows through a restaurant in many ways. At the end of the night, you can easily count down drawers with the use of a cash counter. The cash counter can read all types of bills and accurately count them to speed up the process. If you have employees who share tips, then a cash counter allows you to easily split tips for the night.

Everyone can pool the tips together and place all of the bills into the cash counter. The process not only saves time, but employees will know exactly how to split tips without the need to count over and over again.

2. Coin Dispensers

If you do a lot of take-out or to-go orders, consider the use of a coin dispenser at the front counter. A coin dispenser connects to a cash register and will automatically distribute coins based on the change needed. The change falls down into a little holding cup. With the cash dispenser, your workers will not have to handle coins with each transaction.

The elimination of coins will keep employees' hands clean, which is especially important for employees who handle food and the register at the same time. The action will reduce the spread of germs and make it easier for guests to grab their change.

3. Time Clocks

Restaurants have a large flow of employees who come in and out of work. If you have scattered shift times, then employees must clock in at different times. A recycled digital time clock can provide accurate tracking. Some of the advanced time clocks will connect right to computer systems. You have the opportunity to check when employees come and go.

Adding a time clock to the process will speed up the way employees check in and help everything go smoothly at the restaurant. Time clocks often have multiple mounting options so you can mount the devices at specific locations where employees will clock in.

Compare prices on recycled items to ensure you get the best deals and can help save a little money with your restaurant budget.

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