If you've got a new vehicle or trailer, you need to know what information you'll need to get your title registration. Registration can be a complex process when you are uncertain which information you will need to provide. With the right information, you can avoid unnecessary trips to the registration department whether you are a business or an individual owner.

Here, you will find some basic information about the types of information and documents that are generally required as part of a state's registration process.

Previous Title

If you have the previous title for the vehicle, you should bring it. Whether you have recently purchased the vehicle or you've moved from another state, the previous document will provide information that is necessary to register your vehicle to the new owner or location. You may also need the legal bill of sale if you recently purchased the vehicle or trailer.

Identification Information

It is important that you also bring your identification to your registration appointment. This means that the ID needs to be issued by the government and should include a photo. Common IDs used for registration include passports, driver's licenses, and military ID cards. Your legal name on the title or bill of sale must match your ID card.

You may need to talk to a professional if you do not have access to these identification options but still want to register your car.

An Inspection-Ready Vehicle

Next, you also need to bring the vehicle to the appointment. In many states, the professional simply needs to look at the vehicle and check that the VIN matches your documents. In other states, emissions tests are required for registration. You will present your vehicle to the person registering your vehicle.

Insurance Documents

Next, you need to ensure that you have all your insurance documents ready. Each state has different requirements for auto insurance policies. You can make sure that you have the documents you need by bringing your insurance policy statement as well as your proof of insurance card that shows you have insurance for bodily injury and property damage liability.

Title Registration Can Be Easy

When you have all the necessary documents and information in order, registration does not have to be difficult. You can make the process much simpler when you know how to prepare. Once you've gathered all these documents, you can more easily register your vehicle or trailer.  

For more information about title registration, contact a local professional.