Water heaters are essential in people's lives as they ensure a steady supply of hot water for various domestic uses. Heated water serves purposes like drinking, cleaning, bathing, cooking, and space heating. Like any other plumbing system, your water heating system is prone to damages and other technical problems hence the need for repair. For most of the repairs, you need professional water heater repair services. The following are some of the issues that require professional repair and maintenance services:

1. Broken dip tubes

Dip tubes facilitate water transportation from a central place such as a municipal dam to the tank then to your water heater. Broken dip tubes make it impossible for water to move from a supply point to the water heater. If you have a situation where your water heater is on, but the water is not heating, there is a possibility that your dip tube is broken. You should hire a professional plumber to fix the damaged tubes and restore the water supply to the heater. Trying to fix the problem on your own can result in electrical problems and further damage to the water heating system.

2. Faulty burners

Gas-powered water heaters use burners to generate heat from a gas cylinder to the water. If the burner is faulty or broken, the supply of hot water stops or becomes limited. Several problems cause a malfunction of the burner. Rust or accumulation of dust in the burner makes the burner struggle to ignite. Only a professional plumber should repair a faulty burner because handling natural gas requires special care. Natural gas is highly flammable, and attempting to replace a burner puts your life and that of your family members at risk of fire.

3. Replacing heating elements

Water heating systems use two heating elements, one for increasing water temperature and the other is for maintaining the temperature at a certain level. The two heating elements become faulty over time, leading to the water heater heating at low temperatures or not heating at all. Repairing the two elements requires the services of an experienced plumber with electricity knowledge. Attempting to fix the problem puts you at risk of electrocution.


Water heater repair and maintenance are essential in ensuring a reliable hot water supply for your various activities. Repairing water heating systems is a dangerous job since it involves handling gas and electricity, and therefore, you should not attempt to make repairs on your own. Hire a professional plumber's services for water heater repairs to keep you and your family members safe.