Thanks to pallets, you can ship materials on a sturdy base that holds up to all of the shipping activities that are involved. If you decide to order custom pallets, there are some steps that can help. 

Explain Operations to Manufacturer

You'll probably work with a pallet manufacturer instead of a supplier when ordering a custom set of pallets since they have to be made from scratch. In order for manufacturing to go on as planned, tell the pallet manufacturer exactly what you plan on doing with the pallets.

What materials will they support and how long do you plan on using them in shipping operations? The manufacturer will take this input and design your custom pallets accordingly so that you can get the most from this shipping resource. If you order more and your needs have changed, tell the manufacturer about these changes and you'll still get fully functional pallets that last.

Make Sure There Is Ample Load Reliability

Whatever you plan on placing on pallets for additional shipping support, it's paramount that the load doesn't cause pallet damage. That would cost you money and result in damaged products and materials. As such, take your time assessing load capacity.

How heavy are the materials that you plan on putting on the pallets? You need to be accurate with this assessment to get pallets with the right load tolerances and characteristics. That can keep your pallets sound and fully capable of supporting your materials throughout shipping activities.

Don't Forget About Ease of Handling

You need durable pallets that can support your materials perfectly, but don't forget about the ease of handling with these resources. You want to be careful about this aspect so that pallets don't give you any trouble now or in the future. 

Think about how you plan on moving these pallets whether it's a pallet truck or forklift system. You should have custom pallets designed and manufactured with these specific handling machines in mind because it will make material transportation a lot easier to complete. You should be able to secure pallets quickly and move them with plenty of control. 

Pallets are often needed for shipping operations. If you order a custom set, you can control a lot of important factors like material, size, and weight. You'll have optimized custom pallets if you honestly assess your shipping operations and work with the right party that can supply these resources.