There are a few types of commercial roofing, and the slope of your roof determines which roofs are suitable. For instance, membrane roofs are ideal for flat roofs. Metal roofs can't go on completely flat roofs, but they can go on buildings with sloped roofs. Metal is a good choice in commercial roofing, even though it costs more than membrane roofs initially. Here's why.

Metal Has A Lower Life Cycle Cost

Metal commercial roofing lasts about twice as long as membrane roofing. When you consider the lifetime cost of a metal roof, you'll see that it is lower than the cost of a membrane roof covering the same time span. That's because when it's time to replace the metal roof, the membrane roof will be ready for its second tear-off and replacement. So while metal may be the expensive option initially, it has a lower cost over the lifetime of the roof.

Metal Can Go Over Old Roofing

Another way a metal roof saves money is that it can go over old roofing because it is lightweight, so there is no need to tear off and dispose of old roofing materials. If you have a large commercial building, the savings of avoiding a tear-off could be considerable.

Metal Is Strong And Durable

One weakness of membrane commercial roofing is that it can be punctured fairly easily. Metal is strong, so it resists punctures from employees and contractors who walk around on your roof. Metal is also resistant to fire and protects your building from wind, rain, hail, and snow.

Metal Roofing Looks Attractive

An important benefit of metal roofing is that it has an attractive appearance. It comes in several solid colors or you can choose plain white. If your roof has a steep enough slope, the roof gives your building more appeal from the street than a membrane roof would.

Metal Is A Reflective Material

A metal roof reflects the sun, so you might even save money on your utility bills once you have a metal roof installed. By reflecting the sun, there is less solar warming in your building, and that could mean a cooler building in the summer so your employees are more comfortable and your HVAC is less stressed.

A Metal Roof Can Be Recycled

A benefit of metal commercial roofing is that it can be recycled at the end of its life so the roof doesn't have to end up in a landfill. This could be important to you if part of your mission is to protect the environment and be eco-friendly.