Whether you sell stationery, paper cups, predesigned house plans, or any other type of paper products, you should consider sending your products to customers in custom mailing tubes. Here is why:

Maintain Product Integrity

One important reason to consider investing in custom mailing tubes is to maintain the integrity of your paper products. Mailing tubes maintain their shape and act as a buffer between paper products and objects that may damage the products. Your paper products cannot get punctured, bent, folded, ripped, torn, or damaged in any other way when they are shipped inside a protective mailing tube.

Therefore, the use of custom mailing tubes should result in saved money because your paper products will get damaged much less often, and happier customers because the products they buy from you make it to their homes in optimal condition. And customers should be happy to pay more for the mailing tube packaging if it means that their products will be safer during shipping.

Promote Your Business

Investing in custom shipping tubes will allow you to effectively promote your business and increase brand recognition every time you ship a product to a customer. You can have your company's name, logo, contact information, and even a slogan printed on the shipping tubes so that the information can be seen by anyone who handles the package, from the time it leaves your business until the time it gets dropped off at a customer's house. Customers may reuse the shipping tubes for things like gift packaging or to store things at home or the office, furthering the reach of your marketing efforts before all is said and done.

Customize Shipment Options

Another reason to consider using custom shipping tubes to send customers your paper products is to allow for the customization of shipping options. Instead of having to send out multiple products in multiple different packages or envelopes, your customers can choose to have multiple products shipped together in one big tube if they want to.

They could choose to have some products mailed in envelopes and others in tubes depending on their specific needs and preferences. You can even offer different colored tubes to choose from if you want to enhance the overall buying experience for your customers. Even small customization options can go a long when it comes to impressing your customers and keeping them coming back for more.

Contact a trusted custom shipping tube supplier today to learn what options will work for your company and to have a trial shipment of tubes sent to you for your perusal.