Storing your boat in dry storage during the winter months is a great way to protect it from damage. When you get ready to take it out of storage, there is going to be some work that needs to be done. You need to do maintenance and some repairs to get it ready for the water. The following repair information will help you get your boat ready for the water:

Cleaning and Repairing the Hull

Once the boat is out of dry storage, the hull is going to need an inspection for any damage. You will want to clean all the surfaces, so any damage will be clearly visible. Make sure that any repairs to the hull have been completed. You may also want to polish the hull with a protective marine sealer to protect it during the boating seasons.

Repairing Mechanical Issues

After your boat has been sitting all winter, there will likely be some mechanical issues. You will need to do repairs to the engine and other mechanical systems before launching your boat. Some of the mechanical repairs that your boat may need include:

  • Replacing faulty seals that can cause severe damage
  • Overhauling the engine and replacing parts that wear out
  • Inspecting and repairing issues with boat engine cooling systems

You want to make sure you deal with all the mechanical issues before launching your boat. These repairs will be easier to complete while your boat is drydocked.

Repairing Electrical Systems

The electrical systems are another area where you will need to do some repairs. This is due to the marine environment, which can cause the wiring to decay. Therefore, you need to check the electrical systems and repair damaged electrical wiring.

You may also want to update mechanical systems like radio and communications equipment. The modern communications equipment for your boat can include radio, satellite, and cellular systems. This will give you more reliable equipment to get help when you have an emergency out on the water.

Repairing Worn Canvas and Boat Finishes

The canvases and other boat finishes are also going to need some repairs. Sometimes, the damage can be due to exposure to dry air, sunlight, and moisture. You want to repair upholsteries and finishes like cabinetry inside the cabin. When the canvas wears out, you are going to want to replace it.

Talk with your marina repair service about options for upgrades and improvements when your boat needs extensive repairs. These are a few things that will help you get your boat ready for the water. 

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