Real-life photography and digital graphics may occasionally take a backseat to a more custom approach to create greeting cards for all occasions. Hand-drawn cards consist of an artist's personal reflection concerning a theme, a person, an animal, or an inanimate object. Some greeting card companies even offer a custom service, which will allow you to purchase one or more hand-drawn greeting cards that correspond to a specific occasion or interest.

Choose How You Will Use Hand-Drawn Cards

Think about some ways that you can utilize hand-drawn cards, during an upcoming holiday or a special occasion. For example, if you tend to buy packages of holiday cards to mail to your family and friends or hand out to your co-workers, replace the standard prints that you tend to purchase with a package of hand-drawn cards that symbolize what the holidays mean to you and that include a beautiful poem, a brief statement, or a lighthearted description.

An artist's personality will shine through, and the recipients may be appreciative of the special greetings that they have received and decide to display them along a mantelpiece, a doorway, or a bulletin board.

Pick Some Custom Artwork

If you have a loved one who owns a pet or if one of your best friends is intrigued by a specific location in the world, purchase some custom cards that are reflective of a love or an interest would be a good choice. A company that employs artists who draw custom pictures will allow you to submit a photograph or a description. The example that you submit will serve as a guide. An artist will recreate a photograph or will come up with a drawing that corresponds to a detailed description. Before your order is finalized, you can view the artwork that has been created.

A custom card will become a keepsake that the recipient will cherish. One way that a custom card can be enjoyed on a daily basis is by having the artwork framed. If you decide to give someone a custom card that contains a hand-drawn picture, provide the person with some tips that will allow them to preserve the drawing and share it with others.

Maybe, you can give the individual a small frame that contains a glass cover or an empty scrapbook, and the person can place the card inside of either item so that it can be displayed inside of their home.