Hard water can be a problem no matter where you get the water for your home, but it is most common with homes using well water as their domestic water source. The hard water does not make the well unusable, but installing a water softener system in your home may be essential. 

What Is Hard Water

Hard water is water that contains minerals and iron in it. The iron is the biggest problem because it can stain your tub, sink and toilet bowls with a reddish color that is hard to get off. Along with the stains, the iron can build up in the pipes over time and eventually close off the pipe entirely, causing a blockage that will stop the inflow of water to the house.

The iron can also make the water taste bad, and in high enough amounts, the iron can be unhealthy for you and your family to ingest daily. Iron from the water can make it hard to bathe because it breaks down the soap, and the clothes washer can get iron in it that will stain white clothes when you wash them.

Softening Your Water

The solution to hard water is to install a water softener in your home. There are some small filter systems that you can add to a single faucet or fixture in your home, but these filters are not nearly as effective as a whole house system, and they require a lot of maintenance. Add to that, the filter on the sink may make the water taste better, but it does nothing to protect the plumbing on the house.

Installing a whole house water softening system is the most effective solution for hard water, and the system can have filtration media in it as well, so removing bacteria and other contaminants from the water can all happen as the water enters the home. 

The installer will place your water softener on the waterline where it enters your home and in a location that is easy to get to, making system maintenance more manageable. When you are considering what you need from your softener, talk with the company installing it for you. 

After a full test of your water, they can help you choose filtration add-ons to your system if you need it, and the test will determine the amount of iron and other minerals in the water. This will allow the filtration company to determine how large a system you need and what media will work best in the system.

It is a good idea to set up a maintenance contract with them, as well. The system needs flushing and media changes several times a year, and they are the best equipped to provide that for you.

For more information, contact a water softener service.