Losing a loved one is always hard. Memorial stones are placed near gravesites to help those left behind remember the life of the deceased. The type of memorial that you select for your loved one is important.

Some materials are more durable, and some offer a certain aesthetic that you may find more appealing. If you are looking for a classic memorial marker that will withstand the test of time, colored granite is your best option.


Granite is a type of stone that is found in nature. The unique minerals that contribute to the development of granite stone can create a wide range of color patterns. Many granite slabs contain flecks of gold, blue, green, or gray.

No two pieces of granite will look exactly alike. This characteristic can appeal to people who want to memorialize a lost loved one with a headstone. You can rest assured knowing that the colored granite memorial you select will be as unique as your loved one.


Memorial stones will be exposed to the elements, so they need to be durable enough to maintain their structural integrity over time.

Granite offers a tremendous amount of durability. Granite has the ability to resist deterioration and erosion over time. This allows any epitaph that you inscribe on the stain to remain visible well into the future.

A granite memorial will not shatter or crack as easily as sandstone, marble, or other alternatives. It is this durability that makes colored granite an excellent option for any memorial stone.


Another reason to consider colored granite for your loved one's memorial stone is the versatility of granite materials.

A granite memorial stone can be customized using carving, engraving, etching, or sandblasting. You can also have a granite memorial stone airbrushed to create a colorful motif.

The ability to use a wide range of techniques when designing your loved one's memorial allows a granite stone to give you the exact aesthetic you want to memorialize the memory of your loved one.

Choosing the right material for a memorial stone is a decision that requires careful consideration. Colored granite stone offers you the ability to create a cemetery memorial that will reflect the personality and style of your lost loved one without losing its beauty or structural integrity over time.

Consider the benefits colored granite can offer as you design a loved one's memorial stone in the future.

For more information about colored granite memorials, contact a local monument service.