With a valve manifold box, you are able to take a single source of gas and distribute it to multiple tools. This allows you to service components without taking all of your tools down. There are several features you should look for in a valve manifold box. 


Gas valve manifold boxes are very secure and can cheaply connect gas to multiple distribution points. Because of the front-mounted design, repairs can be made quickly. By being front-mounted, the gas valve manifold box is easy to access. 


A valve manifold box needs to have a wide product configuration spectrum so that the user can have more flexibility. When purchasing a box, an engineer will work with you to ensure that the setup for the manifold box suits your business the best. When the engineer installs the manifold box, he or she will clean and test it to ensure that it fits with your facility.

Fortunately, valve manifold boxes can be set up for any configuration. You'll be able to find a box that can maintain a pressure that meets the requirements for critical tools and instruments. There are a large number of valves to choose from that include different sizes and functions. However, you'll need to make sure that the box is the right size so that your system has the right flow. Also, the box will need to be designed to meet temperature requirements.


Valve manifold boxes require dry-contact communication methods such as process alarms, hazard alarms, external EMO, external EGO, and tool call. Manifold boxes allow you to consolidate power across multiple use points. This allows you to have full control over production processes. 


Because gas can be very dangerous, it's essential that the manifold box be safe and dependable. To ensure that the valve manifold box functions properly, it will need to be sent through an evaluation and certification procedure to ensure that it meets dozens of safety requirements. While keeping your business safe, these types of devices will also keep costs down. 

Control Over Gas Leaks

When a gas leak occurs, a valve manifold box allows you to cut off a VMB port. You do not need to cut off the supply source. The supply source can continue to supply gas and will allow you to minimize damage. Because of all these benefits, it's a good idea to implement a valve manifold box in your business.

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