If your business needs to work with ammonia skids, it is important for everyone in your business to understand how to properly work with ammonia. Ammonia can be a very harmful substance if it is not treated with the care and precaution that it deserves.

Always Wear Personal Protective Equipment

First, you need to make sure your employees understand that they should never touch ammonia if they are not wearing personal protective equipment. Ammonia can be harmful and should not even be touched without the right protective equipment.

When working with ammonia, you need to wear goggles that will enclose your eyes, not allowing fumes into your eyes. You need a breathing mask as well. Ideally, employees should wear a full-face mask to stay protected. Their skin should be completely covered up as well. Full precautions need to be taken when working with ammonia.

Always Work in a Well-Ventilated Area

Second, you need to make sure that your employees only work in well-ventilated areas. What is dangerous with ammonia are the fumes, which is why you should never work in an area that is not well ventilated.

When working in a ventilated area, you need to make sure the ventilation system is explosion-proof and will not spark at all. Ammonia should only be handled in a very controlled environment.

Have Emergency Eyewash Stations

Third, you need to have an emergency eyewash station set up directly in the area where you will be using the ammonia. If ammonia gets into your eyes, it can burn and damage your eyes very quickly if you don't flush your eyes right away. You need to make sure you have a working emergency eyewash station to protect your employees in the event of a splash.

Keep Emergency Escape Respirators on Hand

Fourth, you need to keep emergency escape respirators on hand. If ammonia is ever leaked out in the area where it is stored, anyone around the spill needs to put on an escape respirator right away. If any ammonia is spilled, they should put on the emergency respirator right away and get out of the area until a team can come in and clean up the spill.

When it comes to ammonia, you need to make sure you teach your team how to responsibly use ammonia. They need to put on full protective equipment and always work with the ammonia in a well-ventilated area. You need to have an emergency escape respirator and emergency eyewash stations in all the areas where ammonia is stored.