If you have recently taken possession of an old oil painting, then you are likely trying to find out how to bring it back to it's former glory. A classic, original oil painting is something that is incredibly precious and also fragile. So, if you're planning on restoring it and hanging it up in your home, it is prudent to follow the advice below. 

You must keep in mind that working on an oil painting is not something that you should attempt. It's not something that is in line with the skill set of the typical person. Restoring a damaged oil paining requires skills that only a professional with years of experience will have. 

Repairing Water Damage To The Canvas

One of the major problems you find in old oil paintings is water damage. This is often the result of them being improperly stored in an attic or some other location where they become exposed to moisture. This water damage might be minimal and concentrated mainly to the frame, but it could also be significant and have caused bubbles or other defects to the canvas. There are methods of handling this water damage and restoring the canvas which include repairing the original paint, if possible, and if not, using color matching techniques. You should take detailed photos and email them to the restoration expert so that they can determine which course of action is best. 

Repairing A Rip In The Canvas

Another area of concern is when there is a rip in the canvas. This sort of restoration is commonly performed by experts. Oftentimes they will need to assess the extent of the tear to determine if they need to repair using a patch technique, or if they are able to reline the canvas and hide the defect. This is also something that requires you to send detailed photos to the restoration service. Make sure to take detailed photos that show both the front and back of the tear. 

Replacing The Frame and Backing for the Painting

In the best case scenario you will find that the paintings canvas is intact and is not in need of repair, but the frame is. This is great because you will have the integrity of the original canvas intact. However, it is important that you bring your painting in to professionals and do not attempt to repair the frame yourself. Removing the old frame is a delicate process and one that requires skill and precision. 

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