A Christmas scene that involves Santa Claus sitting inside of his sleigh and then handing out presents to a group of boys and girls who are watching the performance may be part of the proposed plans you have in mind for a holiday social function. Part of the intrigue associated with Santa is his distinct physical characteristics and attire. Hiring an individual who portrays Santa and possesses a real beard will assist with pulling off the holiday activity.

Be Aware Of The Actor's Limitations And Present An Overview

A real-beard Santa for hire may work independently or through a business that matches clients with an actor who fulfills their needs. Each actor may have their own set of limitations, which include the hours that they are available, the conditions in which they are willing to work, and whether or not they will provide an active role in a production, which would require speaking to some or all of the attendees.

Before you contact an actor or a business that provides acting services, prepare an outline that includes information about the production, the type of scene that you wish to create, and what the actor's role will be. This information will provide clear information about what is expected, and you will be able to receive a definitive answer about whether an actor will be able to provide the duties requested or if modifications will need to be made. 

Prepare Props To Make The Event Special

Wrap cardboard boxes with fancy paper and wrap individual toys. The faux gifts can be used to fill the back of Santa's sleigh. Provide the hired Santa with a sackful of real gifts. He can keep the gifts in the front of the makeshift sleigh and hand them out to the children toward the end of the event. If you and the actor have spoken about participating in photo sessions, furnish the camera and cameraman for the activity.

When young children are hoisted up onto Santa's lap, they may be mesmerized by his full beard and authentic outfit, which is symbolic of what Santa Claus wears in movies or on television programs. After a photo has been taken of each child and the gifts have all been handed out, inform the parents or guardians of the children about the method that will be used to distribute the photographs to everyone who has participated in the holiday activity.