If you have purchased a home that has well water and you don't like the water quality, there are some things you can try before replacing the well or hooking up to a city water line if it's possible. There are affordable options that you can try, to see if you can put off replacing the well and get the water quality that you desire.

You first need to find out what is causing the water to taste, smell, and look odd. Then you need to treat it and see if you can do enough when it comes from the well, or if you must get inside of the well. Here are the things to do.

Test the Water

Get a water testing kit from a local water quality supply store to see what type of water problems you have. This will show if the water has hard minerals, high lead levels if it's toxic or what other issues there are. Once the water is tested find a softening and filtration system that targets these problems.

Get a New Water Softening System

Start by improving the water softening system. This system should do the following things for your water:

  • Filter hard water and impurities
  • Condition the water to protect plumbing
  • Improve taste
  • Remove odors
  • Prevent staining

You want a system that will make the water colorless and odorless, and that tastes fresh and clean. Talk with the water softening system equipment supplier.

Check for Filtration Faucets

You can get extra filtration at the sources where the water comes out in your sinks, showers or baths. This means before you drink from the faucet the water goes through another filtration device, and before you shower or use water in your bathrooms you can get faucets that filter for extra needs.

If none of these things work, then you may have to consider looking inside of the well to see what is wrong, and to see why there are such problems. If there is a lot of mineral accumulation inside the well then this may be hard to get rid of unless you get a professional cleaning.

Don't suffer with stained clothes and dishes, smelly water, and water that you don't like the taste of. Instead, take the time to find the right type of softening system and equipment from a water softening equipment supplier and change how you enjoy the water in your home.