As a real estate development firm, you need an organized, problem-solving driven, forward-thinking leader at the helm of this department. You can aim to find this type of leader on your own, or you can partner with an executive search firm to assist with the process. The latter of these options is often the more beneficial of the two. Learn why you should partner with one of these firms to find a development executive for your real estate agency.

1. Larger Talent Pool

When real estate agencies search for executives on their own, there is often a limited talent pool. One primary reason for this factor is that most agencies use limited options when it comes to advertising their openings. As a result, the only applicants they are able to see the information are those that read the publication and browse the site where the position has been posted.

A recruiting firm opens the door to a larger pool of candidates. Recruiting firms don't just announce openings. These companies also reach out to competing companies to notify current executives of the openings. As a result, both job seekers and already successful development executives have the opportunity to learn about your position.

2. Less Wasted Time

One downside of the job search process for any real estate agency is the wasted time that comes along with the process. Unfortunately, not every person that applies for the position is qualified or a good fit for your company. As a result, the time you spend reviewing resumes, verifying references, or interviewing the candidates can seem like a waste of time.

An executive recruiting firm will only seek and follow-up with candidates that are qualified to operate as a real estate development executive. As a result, you only deal with a qualified pool of candidates and don't waste your time. 

3. Tailored Candidates

It's good to have a qualified candidate, but it's even better to have a candidate specifically tailored to your needs. For example, real estate development has a number of different facets, in that there are commercial developers, residential developers, healthcare developers, and more. 

If you have a specific sector in which you want to expand your business, you want to have a leader with expertise in this specific area. A recruiting agency will look solely for candidates that have the tailored experience your agency is in need of. 

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