If you are looking for ways to help reduce your energy costs at your hotel, you may want to consider using propane as a source of fuel for your hotel. Hotels consume a lot of energy, and finding ways to save on energy can really help you reduce your operating costs. There are lots of different ways you can use propane as an energy source at your hotel.

Way #1: Gas-Powered Appliances

Hotels have to wash hundreds of sheets, blankets, and towels every day. That means lots of loads for the washing and drying machine, which can consume a lot of energy. All of those running washers and dryers can consume a high amount of energy.

By converting to propane-powered washers and dryers for your hotel, you can reduce your energy costs. Additionally, propane-powered dryers dry clothing at a faster rate than electric-powered dryers, which can help save you time as well as money daily.

Way #2: Outside Lighting

If you have an outdoor light, consider switching to propane-powered outside lights. Propane is an energy-efficient way to fuel your outdoor lights and keep your outdoor lounge area open in the evening hours. You can use propane-powered outdoor lights throughout the outside of your property.

Way #3: Swimming Pool & Spa Heater

You want your swimming pool and spa to be warm regardless of the temperature outside. If you want to keep your pool open during the evening hours, you need to heat your pool.

Once the sun goes down, your pool is going to cool off if you don't have a heater. You can open your pool up to evening swimming hours by installing a gas-powered heating system for your pool and spa.

Way #4: Back-Up Emergency Generators

When the power grid fails you, you need to keep your hotel running with a system of back-up emergency generators. You need a large source of propane to run your emergency generators.

Having a propane tank onsite will allow you to keep a system of back-up generators running during an emergency and will allow you to provide your customers with the services they need.

As a hotel, propane can be a great source of energy for a variety of activities, such as gas-powered appliances, outdoor lights, swimming pools, and spa heaters, as well as back-up emergency generators. Consider switching to propane in order to conserve and spend less money on your hotel energy costs.

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