If you are renting a storage unit for the first time, you might not know exactly how to approach the situation. The same applies if you are buying cartons for storing your items in. Not sure how to store your items in folding cartons? These tips will help you through the process of storing your items efficiently and safely.

Try to Rent the Smallest Available Unit

Based on how much stuff you want to store, it is generally preferable to rent the smallest unit you can fit everything in. Renting a unit that is too large can be bad for your budget, even if you enjoy some of the extra space.

Gather the Necessary Materials Right Away

One of the first things you need when you decide to store items is a stack of cartons or boxes. Don't try to start a project without the proper tools for storing them.

Use Similar Boxes for Stacking

It is better to invest in a stack of boxes that are all the same size rather than to try find cartons of all different sizes. This will allow you to plan your storage technique more efficiently.

Take Inventory of Your Items

Now is a great time to also inventory the items as you pack them into boxes. You don't need too specific, but it is a good idea to at least label what room the items inside belong in.

Develop a Plan of Action When You Place Items in Storage

When you put items in your storage unit, have an idea about which items you want first. You do not want to be digging for items when you know something you need is in the back of the storage unit. Again, this is why labeling your cartons is important.

Prevent Rusting on Metal Items

If you plan to store anything made of metal, make sure to clean it thoroughly. Cover the items when dry and store them in a way that will prevent the growth of rust that will leave your items ruined when you come to retrieve them later.

Buy High-Quality Cartons

The cartons you choose for storage can make a huge difference in how well your items are protected. Your cartons also help you organize your items and materials most effectively. Not sure what kind of cartons you need? Consult with a pro to learn how folding cartons can work for you.